Paris en Milwaukee

At North Shore Boulangerie on Oakland Ave. in Shorewood, WI, you can take that vacation you've been waiting for as you explore authentic French dishes. To start off my Sunday mornings, I like to walk to NSB for a nice breakfast of hot chocolate and Quiche Lorraine (and sometimes a beignet or two!). The silky, smooth French chocolat au lait, and aesthetically pleasing look, always make my mornings better. The quiche is absolutely to die for. The melt-in-your-mouth creamy egg mixed with bacon and cheese go hand in hand with the perfectly flaky pastry crust. The garnish and presentation of the dish only add to the delightfulness of the meal. 

The food and vibe at North Shore Boulangerie is perfect for anyone. The atmosphere of the little corner restaurant meshes the modernity of current popular cuisine with the authenticity of a rustic French boulangerie. The dishes are suitable for children, yet have the complex flavors that can be enjoyed by a mature palette.